Habits to avoid in case of hair loss

Knowing the good habits to adopt in case of hair loss is good. But also knowing the bad habits to avoid in case of hair loss is even better. Objective: to limit hair loss as soon as possible.



Hair loss: habits to avoid

Abnormal hair loss (more than 60 hairs per day) can have several causes. But ultimately, the consequences are often the same: the hair follicle becomes fragile, and a disrupted cycle leads to hair loss. To better live with hair loss, whether occasional or chronic, certain habits that you may think are harmless should actually be banned from your routine.

  • Do not simply wait for hair loss to get better on its own. Treating hair loss remains a challenge for patients as well as for health professionals. Treatment must be adapted to the pathology, as there are many different types of hair loss, the main ones being telogen effluvium, anagen effluvium, androgenetic alopecia and age-induced alopecia. The first challenge is identifying the cause of the hair loss in order to overcome it successfully. Adopting good habits in case of alopecia is thus essential.
  • Avoid overly tight hairstyles. Whether your hair is short, mid-length or long, wear it down naturally as often as you can, and avoid updos like buns and ponytails as much as possible. Furthermore, it cannot be said enough that repeated braiding can cause irreversible hair loss in certain areas. This is what we call traction alopecia. It affects 11% of black women compared to just 5% of Caucasian women, according to the scientific publication Journal of Dermatology. The cause: repeated use of braids and weaves places mechanical tension on the hair and ultimately dislodges the hair fiber from its cavity.
  • Do not damage the hair fiber. If you notice more hair falling out that usual, stop using chemical treatments such as dyes, straighteners, perms and relaxers. Also, avoid overuse of the hairdryer or straightening iron. Do not take the risk of further damaging your hair when it needs a break.

What good habits should you adopt in case of alopecia?

While waiting for your appointment with your dermatologist, consider making some adjustments to your daily routine as soon as possible to prevent the condition from becoming worse.

  • Change your diet. A balanced diet provides your scalp with the vitamins and minerals it needs. They play a fundamental role in maintaining a normal hair cycle, especially with regard to renewing the hair bulb’s cells, which have a rapid rate of division. Taking food supplements with sulfur amino acids helps to repair structural damage to the hair and slows down hair loss.
  • Use targeted hair care products. As soon as hair loss begins, start sorting through the products in your bathroom. Say goodbye to overly harsh hair products. Swap your usual products for a gentle shampoo and anti-hair lotion.
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