Hair loss: good habits

Hair loss can cause severe emotional distress in some patients. To fight the condition on a daily basis, you should waste no time in adopting good habits.




Daily prevention of hair loss

It is important to know the good habits to adopt in case of hair loss and, above all, to implement them as soon as possible to better live with hair loss on a daily basis.


Vitamins and minerals play an essential role in the hair’s physiology, especially with regard to renewing the hair bulb’s cells, which divide rapidly. An insufficient intake of these elements can result in hair loss. To optimize your intake, consume a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables.



To keep your hair healthy and avoid aggravating the hair loss, take care to always brush your hair gently. When hair is still wet, remove excess water carefully with a terry towel, without rubbing too much. Also, avoid using the hairdryer whenever possible.

Hair care products

To facilitate this task, before you begin, use a detangling spray on damp hair. This product has the added benefit of being fast to apply. Swap your usual shampoo with a cleanser that is specially developed to combat hair loss. Its formula is naturally gentler.

Scalp massage

Every day, take a few seconds to massage your scalp with your fingertips. This small step makes a big difference. When done regularly and diligently, massaging increases blood flow towards the hair, so that it can receive the vitamins and nutrients it needs to grow.

What to avoid at all costs in case of hair loss

Knowledge of the good habits to adopt in case of hair loss is not enough. To preserve your hair’s health capital, you will also need to scrap several bad habits that increase hair loss.

How often you wash your hair

Depending on their composition, certain cleansing products can damage the hair fiber, but washing hair on a regular basis does not cause hair loss. That being said, you should still choose a gentle shampoo.


Repeated braiding of the hair can cause traction alopecia. This type of hair loss affects mostly coily and afro-textured hair. The cause is mechanical rather than physiological: repeating pulling on the hair ultimately expels the hair fiber from its cavity.



Chemical coloring is a process that continues to be harsh on the hair, especially for fragile hair or hair lacking hydration. When hair loss sets in, it is recommended to avoid dyeing your hair for a few weeks, or to use gentler alternatives such as plant-based colors, for example.

Beyond knowing what you should absolutely avoid doing in case of hair loss, if you notice unusual hair loss, talk about it with your pharmacist as soon as possible. The earlier the problem is addressed, the easier it is to take action.

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