Baldness: hair loss that reveals the scalp

Androgenetic alopecia is a type of hair loss. In men, baldness is the most common and most advanced form. This type of hair loss results in bald spots, thus exposing certain areas.



Hair loss and baldness: what’s the difference?

Hair loss and symptoms of alopecia

Hair loss can be divided into two main categories, occasional and chronic, which can then be subdivided into different types of hair loss, the effects of which may vary greatly from one person to the other. Occasional seasonal hair loss, for example, causes hair to fall out in clumps at the beginning of autumn and spring. This type of hair loss can be brought under control with lifestyle changes and a hair care routine that uses targeted products.


Baldness, a separate phenomenon

Other types of hair loss, however, have proven more difficult to treat. These need to be dealt with as soon as possible in order to stop hair loss and preserve the remaining hair. This is the case for baldness, which is characterized by an absence of hair due to androgenetic hair loss. It is the most advanced stage observed in men. Its onset mechanism is hormonal and involves the androgen receptors found in the dermal papilla. The hair cycle is thus altered: hair growth accelerates, growing thinner and thinner until it stops growing definitively.

Baldness: why does the scalp become sensitive?

In addition to alopecia symptoms, scalp sensitivity should not be ignored. The reason for this is that the hair’s appearance is a direct indicator of the health of your scalp. In other words, strong, shiny hair is necessarily dependent on a healthy scalp. This fertile ground from which your hair grows is undoubtedly affected by hair loss. In both temporary and chronic hair loss, before the hair begins to fall out, the scalp becomes more sensitive and prone to mild itching and especially irritation. In the event of baldness, which leaves a portion of the head bare, even daily aggressions can cause the scalp to become more fragile. Just like the hands and face, the scalp is more exposed to sunburn and pollution, which can really damage the skin. It must, therefore, be protected.

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