Thin hair: how to prevent hair loss

In thin hair, the hair fiber is not as thick as in normal hair. The result: sensitive and more fragile, this hair type tends to fall out more easily (in hair aging, this thin hair type is an aggravating factor).



What makes hair thin?

Have you noticed hair getting thinner than usual? This loss of volume has several potential causes. If your thin hair is not hereditary, the first thing to do is to take a closer look at your daily habits, especially with regard to your lifestyle.
Do you eat a balanced diet, for example, to provide the hair fiber what it needs to grow? Hair thinning may be the result of a vitamin or mineral deficiency. Other factors may be at play: overuse of the hairdryer or straightener, less than optimal blood micro-circulation in the scalp, hair aging, etc. Also, note that the sudden, drastic appearance of thin, flat hair may be a symptom of hair loss.

What is the link between thin hair and hair loss in men?

Hair loss is a normal physiological phenomenon, provided that it is limited to no more than 60 hairs per day. These hairs are in the telogen phase, meaning they are dead hairs that fall from the hair follicle naturally.

When the duration of the hair cycle is disrupted, very thin hair and hair loss are even more closely linked, especially in cases of androgenetic alopecia. In fact, due to an excess of androgen hormones, hair is renewed too quickly (as a result of the hair cycle speeding up), and the scalp cannot keep up. Another effect of these androgen hormones is the miniaturization of the bulb, causing new hair growth to be thinner. The consequence: this chronic hair loss gradually leads to hair miniaturization and a drop in hair density. This process only makes naturally thin hair even thinner and more fragile.


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