What cream should I use for psoriasis?

The skin of a person with psoriasis is often sensitive and weakened by successive flare-ups. It must be treated daily, before, during and after inflammatory flare-ups. Applying a hydrating cream, available over the counter, is extremely beneficial in psoriasis to fight against dryness, make the skin feel softer, stronger and more comfortable, reduce itching, soothe irritations induced by the various treatments and reduce the frequency of flare-ups.



Opt for the simplest formula

The composition of a "psoriasis-specific" hydrating cream should be as neutral and simple as possible. The goal is to soothe psoriasis, not to damage the skin even more! For example, it is best to choose products whose tolerance has been tested and validated in studies. Some psoriasis-specific creams, which are applied to lesions, are enriched with keratoreducing active ingredients, which smooth thickened areas of skin, soften scales and promote their elimination during flare-up periods. On the areas around psoriasis plaques and outside of flare-up periods, opt for creams that do not contain keratoreducing agents to avoid damaging the "healthy" skin. Some creams contain specific anti-inflammatory active ingredients to treat subcutaneous inflammation of the "healthy" skin of psoriasis patients, which helps reduce the frequency of flare-ups.

Application tips

A hydrating cream should be applied every day, once or several times a day as needed. During a flare-up, alternating between a hydrating cream and a medicinal cream prescribed by the doctor can improve the tolerance and efficacy of this treatment. For example, apply the hydrating cream in the morning, and the prescribed treatment in the evening. In remission periods, don't stop applying the cream!! In fact, it should be applied daily and in generous amounts to repair and strengthen the skin.

Applying cream should not be seen as a chore but as something instinctual like getting up in the morning or going to bed in the evening. Opt for a texture that best suits your wants and needs, and switch to a new one if it no longer works for you. The best psoriasis cream is one that you apply every day. In an ideal world? Allow a few extra minutes after showering to apply the cream generously to your skin and massage it in very gently. Don't forget to moisturize your face, with a lighter cream if you prefer, for example, if you are using it as a make-up base. The best time of day to take care of your skin depends on your own schedule, it is not necessarily going to be the evening if you have more time in the morning.

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