What shampoo should I use for psoriasis?

Scalp psoriasis is very debilitating on a daily basis: the itching is intense, scales fall onto your shoulders and make clothes look dirty, lesions are sometimes scratched until they are literally raw and bleeding. In addition, it is difficult to access the skin in this area because it is covered in hair. Many patients are looking for an "anti-psoriasis" shampoo.



How to relieve scalp psoriasis?

Local medicines to treat scalp psoriasis are available in the form of shampoos, gels or even foams, made from corticosteroids and/or vitamin D derivatives. Stick to the dose and treatment duration advised by your dermatologist.

At the same time, opting for the right cleansing and skin care products is essential. Shampoos for scalp psoriasis, enriched with keratoreducing agents, are available over the counter. Do not rip off the scales directly as this increases the risk of triggering another flare-up.

An appropriate daily hygene

If you have scalp psoriasis, it is tempting to wash your hair every day to relieve itching and just to enjoy the soothing and refreshing feeling. However, washing your hair too frequently may irritate the scalp even more.

What's the answer? Use mild, rebalancing shampoos, specifically designed for sensitive scalps and frequent or even daily use. They should be used as often as needed as a follow-up to treatment.

Useful daily tips:

  • Wash your hair gently, without rubbing the skin.
  • You can still use a hair dryer but not excessively. Don't have it on too high a temperature, or dry your hair for too long, or hold it too close to your scalp.
  • Similarly, avoid overuse of hair accessories like clips or pins, or brushing your hair too roughly, as this can damage your scalp.
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