Essential oil treatments for psoriasis

Aromatherapy, which involves self-treatment with essential oils, is a rapidly growing market, especially among those who want to treat minor everyday ailments naturally. Aromatherapy is also hugely popular among people with chronic diseases such as psoriasis: those who are fed up of treatments developed by the pharmaceutical industry, fed up of dermatologist appointments, or just fed up of the disease in general. Patients then supplement the various treatments for psoriasis with small vials which emit quite a strong smell when opened.



What is an essential oil?

What is an essential oil? It is a complex, concentrated compound from a plant or flower. Complex, because essential oils contain a few dozen or even several hundred different molecules. Concentrated, because essential oils contain the most active molecules of the plant or flower. The majority of essential oils are applied to the skin, most often in a mixture with vegetable oil to avoid irritation. Some essential oils are taken orally.

Why not complement your treatment and help soothe psoriasis with essential oils? Some essential oils, such as lavender, have soothing properties which seem to be ideal for treating psoriasis plaques. Regardless of the type of essential oil applied locally, it is a good idea to test a small amount in your elbow crease to check that you are not allergic.

Contact a healthcare professional

Using essential oils in psoriasis treatment, such as hemlock essential oil, can help patients to better manage stress and to find a healthy emotional balance again. Many "concoctions" are available on the Internet, but it is better to ask a pharmacist or a naturopath specialized in aromatherapy.

What's more, using essential oils in psoriasis treatment, and for any other disease, can still have side effects and contraindications, which is why it is important to seek professional advice before trying them. And always remember to wash your hands thoroughly after use.

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