Hydrotherapy to relieve psoriasis

Hydrotherapy treatments are often very popular with psoriasis patients, regardless of whether they have skin and/or joint psoriasis. Thermal water therapy is a natural form of medicine based on treatments such as baths, wraps, massages, etc. The thermal water from the hydrotherapy center is used in all these treatments.



Psoriasis hydrotherapy is prescribed by the doctor

Thermal water has varying concentrations of certain trace elements which gives it a range of properties. The "ideal" thermal water to relieve psoriasis symptoms is both anti-inflammatory and soothing.

Hydrotherapy treatments for psoriasis and all other diseases are prescribed by the doctor for a period of precisely three weeks. Psoriasis is not indicated in all hydrotherapy centers, only in certain approved establishments. This is to be expected because not all thermal waters have the same properties. What's more, some stations are specialized in soothing psoriasis skin lesions while others offer techniques to manage joint pain. Hydrotherapy is often only partially covered by the French Social Security and mutual health insurance companies: accommodation, transport and all activities outside the center are often at the patient's expense.

Exactly how does hydrotherapy work?

Treatments are offered from Monday to Saturday, usually over a few hours in the morning or afternoon. The rest of the time, it's a place to relax, where you can visit the region, meet other hydrotherapy patients, take part in workshops, etc. Hydrotherapy targets the mind as well as the body.

The three weeks should be seen as an opportunity to treat psoriasis, but also to take care of yourself and to learn to love yourself despite the disease.

Hydrotherapy is a complementary treatment

Sometimes patients feel "fatigued" shortly after starting treatment, which is perfectly normal: the treatment is not that restful for the body! It is also important to note that this therapy is very effective for some, but less effective for others, and it should not replace other treatments prescribed by a doctor.

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