How to deal with your teenager's acne?

Your teen has acne. What's the right approach, as a parent? Discover our experts advice!
  • Kerancyl how to deal with teenager acne
  • Kerancyl how to deal with teenager acne

Adolescence: an explosive time of life

Adolescence is a particularly important time for your teenager. They have to find their place in the world and decide who they want to be, all while hormones are making them more emotionally sensitive. To make matters worse, this is also the time that acne might appear. It's an explosive combination!

Your teen becomes an adult

It's also a shock for you as a parent. Your child is becoming an adult. That means your relationship is evolving, and you have to find new ways of doing things. With this transformation in mind, what's the right approach? How do you deal with your teenager's acne?

What is the right answer, as a parent?

The answer is simple: "It depends!"
To help us provide you with the most appropriate advice, please select the option below that best describes your situation with your teen.
Your teenager has acne, and you are in the following situation:

We talked about it and it went WELL.

 He/she is undergoing acne treatment. How do I keep  motivated?

We talked about it and it went BADLY.

 He/she is not coping with acne well. How can I help?

We haven't talked about it yet.

 How can we have a constructive conversation?

How can I help my teen cope with acne ?