Psoriasis: The voice of the patients

Discover patient testimonials and how they helped us create the new Kertyol P.S.O. range. 
At Ducray Dermatological Laboratories, we benefit from a wide range of knowledge and experience when designing our products.
We speak to: dermatologists, who are experts in the disease concerned; patients, who help us to better understand their needs; and finally, our R&D teams, who provide us with their innovative contribution.
The videos presented below are a result of all these partnerships and include:
- Testimonials and sharing of psoriasis patients’ experiences
- A discussion between an expert dermatologist and patients
- An interview with our R&D teams

How does DUCRAY co-create products with patients?

At Ducray Dermatological Laboratories, we collaborate closely with patients when designing our products. This is why we set up several working groups, which we call focus groups, with patients who have the disease in question – in this case psoriasis.
In these focus groups, we listen to the stories of patients living with psoriasis on a daily basis. They tell us about their symptoms, the difficulties they encounter and the questions they ask themselves. During the focus groups conducted as part of the development of the KERTYOL P.S.O. range, patients told us, among other things, about their need to share their experiences with other patients. Knowing that you are not alone in experiencing the difficulties of psoriasis came up time and time again in these focus groups.

This is why we asked patients who were willing to do so to record their experiences for the benefit of other psoriasis patients.

In this video, three psoriasis patients tell us about their first experience of the condition, their symptoms, the locations of their psoriasis and its trigger factors.

They open up about how hard it is to cope with people staring and the difficulty of finding a soothing treatment that works for them. Psoriasis is characterized by the fact that it is both a chronic and recurrent disease, meaning that even when the treatment is successful, there is no definitive cure. If the patient is confronted with a trigger factor again, the symptoms of the disease will reappear. That's not because the treatments don't work (there is currently no treatment that makes the symptoms disappear permanently), that's just the nature of psoriasis.

Another issue with psoriasis treatments that arose during these focus groups is the difficulty of finding non-sticky products with textures that do not stain clothes, with a pleasant fragrance and an optimized frequency of application. In order to meet this daily need we reformulated the galenic texture of the dermo-cosmetic products within the KERTYOL P.S.O. range to offer patients non-sticky products with a pleasant fragrance, which do not stain clothing and with a simplified frequency of application.

Thanks to the feedback from psoriasis patients, we have also been able to create support material in partnership with Prof. Jean François Nicolas, a renowned dermatologist, and Florence Léandro, a pharmacist. Patients are looking for reliable information on the disease and so we wanted to provide them with quality content. You can find it all on our website:
In the video you are about to watch, patients tell us what they would have liked to have known when they first found out they had psoriasis to enable them to live better with the disease. This includes the importance of psychological factors and of learning to accept the condition.

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