Research and Innovation


Our innovation is a perfect reflection of our scientific precision, conveyed through our unique and international innovative approach.

We work to formulate new products with the most influential opinion leaders in dermatology:
✓17 in-house dermatologists
✓ 2 bacteriology experts

All members of 5 specialized boards created to date (acne, hair care, eczema, psoriasis and Africa).
With them, we share international scientific news, doctors' day to day experiences and problems encountered in dermatology.

This approach allows for contributory innovation: with a focus on sharing experiences, knowledge, skills, etc., and driven by curiosity, observation and a critical outlook.

Our latest innovations:

✓ 2012 Sensinol, 1st solution for hypersensitivity in the skin and scalp.
✓2013 Keracnyl PP, with Myrtacine®, the 1st patented active ingredient to target the biofilm of P. acnes, the key bacteria in the pathology of acne.
✓ 2015 Neoptide MEN, a major breakthrough in early treatment of male pattern hair loss: the only product to act on the 3 factors involved

In addition, since 2012, DUCRAY has been fostering dermatological innovation with its Hair Care Awards, presented during the Journées Sabouraud, in recognition of the best clinical cases in dermatology of the hair and scalp.