Eczema: What daily reflexes should you adopt?

For eczema patients, a few simple steps must be implemented at home so that they become daily reflexes. This doesn't mean you need to completely change your lifestyle! This is expensive and not very effective. It is best to be reasonable and apply a few rules of good sense:



Simple rules to survive

Here are some routines you should adopt daily in case of eczema:

  • Daily treatment

The local eczema treatment must be applied every day: the emollient is applied generously all over dry skin, except on areas with red plaques, whereas topical corticosteroids are used only on plaques during flare-ups. A medical device can be used during flare-up periods in combination with topical corticosteroids on eczema plaques to accelerate their elimination but also during periods of respite on the areas usually affected by eczema, to limit their reappearance

  • Adapted hygiene

During cleansing: opt for quick lukewarm showers instead of long, hot baths; cleanse the skin gently without detergents or fragrances A clean house If possible, vacuum regularly, air out the house, and identify risk factors (animal fur, heat, stress, detergents, etc.) to control them better; Tips for avoiding itching For itching, apply a cold object and find alternatives to scratching

  • Adapted clothing

To get dressed, avoid synthetic materials and wool, opt for natural and non-irritant fibers

  • Sports without any problems

For sports and outdoor activities: watch out for pollen, limit rubbing and perspiration

  • Routine when sunbathing

At the pool or at the beach, rinse off skin thoroughly with clean water, dry it by dabbing gently, then apply a moisturizing cream

  • First-aid kit

Always keep a small stock of topical corticosteroids in your medicine cabinet or travel bag

  • Periodical check-up

For monitoring the disease: make regular appointments with the dermatologist, as often as needed: every 6 months, for example. To better describe eczema between doctor visits, use a mobile application such as Dermocontrol;

  • Do not hesitate to see a physician

If, despite using the prescribed treatment, there are signs of a secondary infection or aggravation of the disease, go back to your doctor.

Try to adopt some of these daily reflexes, they should be able to help you live better with your eczema.

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