Eczema: how to treat itching

Itching is an eczema symptom in its own right. Along with the treatments prescribed by the doctor, "tips and tricks" can help to better manage the urge to scratch. Ordering the person to "Stop scratching!" is useless...Here are a few tips to help soothe itching in children and adults:



Tools to guard against scratching

Here are a few tips to help soothe itching in children and adults every day:

  • In younger children,

it is recommended to keep their hands busy or let them wear cotton gloves at night. Calm children with massage or music. Offer them a stuffed animal they can scratch as often as they like, instead of scratching themselves.

  • In older children

You can get them more involved and help them to build a real "anti-scratching kit". The majority of tools help to send a soothing message to the brain thanks to the cold sensation: thermal water spray, pressing the back of a spoon or a cold stone onto the skin, etc. You should definitely try personalizing these objects and putting them in the refrigerator for more effectiveness. The cold packs used at a picnic or those used to soothe certain pains can be placed on eczema plaques, taking care to place a cloth on the skin to protect against any cold burns. In the same way, try using packs of frozen peas: the bead structure helps to cling to all parts of the body and produce a light massage.

Soothing itching in adults

Adults also look for solutions to stop scratching! The majority of methods described for children can be used in adults.

  • Also try relaxation or sophrology.
  • Sometimes dry skin itches and needs to be soothed quickly: always have a tube of emollient product on the nightstand, in your bag or in the fridge.
  • Finally, to limit risk of infection and scarring due to itching, keep nails cut short.
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