Scalp massage: what's the right way to do it?

Many beauty professionals recommend scalp massage. A scalp massage can help relieve tension, stimulate blood circulation and hair growth, and it has undeniable properties that can complement the effects of hair care products. We'll share the right method so you can try it at home.



What are the benefits of scalp massage?

It's the best part of a visit to the hair salon: getting a scalp massage. Settled in comfortably in the chair, the tension starts to slip away with just two or three massaging motions on your head and scalp. The main benefit of this massage is that it's soothing and calming for the whole body, but this is certainly not the only advantage.

Did you know that a scalp massage can be an additional anti-hair aging solution?

After age 45, the diameter of the hair fiber begins decreasing visibly: 22% less density according to a clinical study conducted by our laboratories*. A scalp massage before every shampoo session revives hair growth by activating blood micro-circulation. It's simple: the more blood, oxygen and vitamins the hair receives, the the healthier and more beautiful it becomes. And massage is very useful in counteracting hair aging.

* Clinical, instrumental and biological study conducted on 60 Caucasian women. Comparative study between two age groups: 25-35-year-olds and over 71s.

Scalp massage: directions and professional massage steps

Scalp massage must be done regularly in order to be useful and effective. This massage is easy to integrate into any personal care routine, and should become a reflex for preventing hair aging. Don't try to massage for too long. Instead, do two-minute massages several times a week.

Learn how to massage your scalp

The right way

  1. Massage your scalp with the fleshy pads of your fingers (never with your nails!). Begin by making some circular movements on the top of your head.
  2. Without lifting your fingers, continue for a few seconds on the temples and slide your fingers behind your ears.
  3. Finish the scalp massage by pressing gently on the nape of the neck.

A nice energy boost for your hair and for cell regeneration!

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