Tips and advice to care for thin, dull hair

Thin hair is not easy to care for as it can look limp and tired. It's even more difficult when hair is also dull, and lacking shine and radiance. Discover all our hair care tips for thin hair.



What makes your hair thin and dull?

Caring for thin hair is essential to avoid it becoming dull.

Remember, shiny hair that can reflect light is, above all, healthy hair that is cared for gently with the right products, from roots to ends. If your hair is not naturally thin and dull, it could be that your lifestyle is making the problem worse, in addition to the aging process.

Depending on where you live, pollution and hard water are two corrosive elements that damage hair and cause dullness. To counteract hard water, you can easily install a special filter onto your shower head.

Poorly applied color, or permanent coloring products left in for too long, can also cause the problem. If your hair has not been correctly prepped before the chemical coloring or perm treatment (often strong) is applied, it can become dried out and lose its shine. And your entire head of hair will suffer for it.

Caring for thin hair the right way

Just like curly and coily hair which is always in need of hydration, thin and dull hair are more fragile than other hair types. These types of hair therefore need special attention to avoid further damage. Especially when aging of hair comes into play. When hair aging begins, hair loses its density and becomes even thinner, until the whole head of hair looks tired and lacking in volume.

Our advice to care for thin hair

When caring for thin hair, remember that it must always be handled carefully and gently to avoid breakage.

  • Do not brush too vigorously and always hold the hair at the roots when detangling, to avoid pulling too hard.
  • Do not use heat-styling tools such as hair straighteners, and avoid hair care products that are too rich and contain silicones.
  • There's one key element to regaining volume: adopt a redensifying ritual including a shampoo and conditioner designed for thin hair.
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