Caring for flat hair the right way

With time, hair loses volume and becomes thin and flat. This is called hair aging. Discover all our tips and tricks to care for your flat hair and boost volume!



Why is your hair flat?

There are many reasons

Flat hair without volume can have many causes. It can be a matter of genetics; people with naturally thin hair are often left with limp, tired-looking hair. Your hair fiber could also be too heavy, thus sticking shapelessly to the scalp. You might also be weighing down your hair with products that are too rich. So you see, there can be many reasons.

However, if you're around 50 years old and have noticed that your hair feels different and is becoming thinner with time and hormonal changes, there is a major chance that hair aging is the reason behind your flat hair. In such cases, flat hair must be well cared for with a special hair care routine including the right products

How to care for thinner hair without adding weight

Caring for hair without volume can be more technical than it seems.

Why? Because you need to find the right hair products and the right product dosage to avoid weighing down the hair and making it even flatter.

If your hair becomes flat with age, it is most important to adopt an anti-hair aging strategy.

  • First say goodbye to hair products that contain silicones, since they are harmful to the hair, even if your hair is dry, because they weigh it down.
  • As for your skin, opt for products that contain antioxidant anti-aging active ingredients, such as ginseng, blueberry extract, copper or selenium. Shampoos, hair serums and food supplements with these active ingredients can help your hair fiber regain bounce and volume.

Caring for flat hair each day instantly becomes easier!

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