Is it normal for hair to stop growing?

You must be familiar with this very unpleasant sensation: when you have the impression that your hair has stopped growing. What causes damage to hair beauty and proper growth? Is it a sign of aging of hair? We'll tell you everything you need to know.



Is it really possible for hair to stop growing?

Don't worry, there are only a few very specific cases where hair can truly stop growing: in the case of disease or substantial deficiencies (iron deficiency, for example), hormonal abnormalities, or due to use of certain medicines. Do none of these explanations describe your situation, yet you feel like your hair length hasn't budged and your hair has stopped growing or is growing more slowly?

Yes, starting from age 50, hair aging causes a marked slowdown in hair growth, but it does not actually stop it. It certainly doesn't cause hair loss either. These are two different problems.
Are you wondering if this might be the case for you? Complete your hair diagnosis > Because with age, this process is inevitable: there is a slowdown in regeneration of all body cells. The scalp is not spared: the cells take longer to multiply, and hair growth (logically) slows down. When hair turns white and becomes thinner, this is another sign of hair aging.

What should you do when your hair isn't growing anymore?

In addition to hair aging comes the negative effect of external factors like sun, pollution and frequent use of heat styling tools, coloring, balayage and highlights, which weaken the hair fiber (especially the ends) and contribute to reducing hair growth. You know those highlights you put in that frame your face? The same parts of the hair that you struggle to style and desperately try to tame with your hair straightener? Try as you might, those highlighted sections of hair keep breaking and are struggling to grow...

If your hair growth is no longer progressing as it should, it's no doubt time to start including anti-aging hair care in your routine. To redensify the hair from roots to ends and to fight against the signs of aging of hair, it is best to use an anti-aging hair routine daily, as you would to fight against wrinkles.

Find the best hair care routine

Searching for the perfect trio of products to boost hair growth and fight against hair aging?

  1. Use a redensifying shampoo every time you wash your hair,
  2. Aapply a serum to the roots (on dry or wet hair) to coat the hair fiber and stimulate growth.
  3. Lastly, do not forget to take long-term action on hair density and bounce with a food supplement treatment rich in antioxidants and vitamins.
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