Caring for colored hair the right way

Coloring chemically changes the hair: it becomes more sensitive and can be damaged more easily. It is essential to maintain colored hair with a range of products made for that purpose. The first reason is to preserve the health of the hair and limit the aggravation of hair aging. The second is to make the brightness of the color last longer.



Why caring for colored hair is a MUST

Have you ever had hair color that turned, faded or washed out with shampoo? Of course you have, because all shades of hair color are affected. Blond tends to turn yellow, red fades, certain shades of brown turn red, and rainbow colors such as pink and blue don't last long on top of your natural color. In other words, color is unpredictable, and hard water, pollution, shampoos and other products certainly don't help!

So how can you prevent your color from fading and keep colored hair radiant for as long as possible?
Colored hair must be scrupulously cared for. Before, during and after the hair coloring process, you must start using hair care products specially designed to preserve colored hair. Giving colored hair the care it needs, at the very least using a tailored shampoo and conditioner, is how you can better manage hair aging on a daily basis.

Taking good care of colored hair: mission possible!

Switching from brunette to blond? Easy in theory, but much harder in practice. Coloring, bleaching... you can do it all, as long as you follow certain rules. These rules stand whether you're getting your hair done at a salon, doing your own color job at home, or even simply touching up your roots. Why? Because coloring is a chemical process that sensitizes the hair fiber.
Result: it is essential to care for colored hair, especially when the hair is already sensitized by the effects of hair aging.

How to care for colored hair properly

By adapting your hair care routine:

  • Using an antioxidant hair product is an excellent way of prolonging hair color, but you also need to rehydrate the hair fiber which would have been affected by the coloring process.
  • After each shampoo session, use a hydrating and antioxidant mask or conditioner specifically designed for hair aging on your lengths,
  • And if you have naturally dry and brittle hair, do an oil treatment or apply an oil-textured hair care product once a week. Cover hair with a scarf and leave on overnight. Your hair will become healthier and softer as you continue this routine.
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