What should you do when hair becomes weaker and thinner?

It's a fact: thinning of the hair linked to hair aging causes the entire mass of hair to become weakened. We'll explain why and how.



Thinning of the hair, a symptom of hair aging

During the aging process, hair texture changes. The hair fiber loses density and progressively becomes thinner in diameter. The thinning of the hair is linked to hair aging: this is scientifically proven. DUCRAY Dermatological Laboratories conducted an epidemiological study on 1,049 women and 1,324 men aged between 15 and 93: after age 65, the women's hair was less dense and 32% of them reported a decrease in their hair density and volume. After age 70, hair growth decreases by 12.6%. As time goes by, blood micro-circulation decreases in the scalp. The hair bulb receives less of the oxygen and nutrients that it needs. Direct consequence: the hair that grows is thinner

Ladies, here's a tip for you if you have thinning hair: gather your hair into a ponytail regularly and observe closely. You might feel that your hair is thinner and your hair mass is reduced.

Weakened hair, the other consequence of hair losing density

A symptom of hair aging, the thinning of the hair brings with it other bothersome hair problems...Thinner hair is often a sign of fragile hair. The hair not only receives less nutrients and vitamins, but it also produces less sebum. This might seem like good news at first, but it isn't really, not for your scalp or hair. Why? Simply because the sebum produced by the sebaceous glands helps to form a protective layer against external aggressions. Result: the hair becomes dry and dull and more easily damaged.

So what should you do when hair aging weakens the hair? What treatment should you use every day in the shower? Just as we start using specific products in our beauty routine when premature skin aging and wrinkles appear, we should do the same with our hair care routine. Shampoo, serum, food supplement....it is important to use specific anti-aging products in order to limit the effect of hair damaged by time.

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