Hair loss and loss of hair volume: what's the difference?

Just like the wrinkles that mark the skin on the face, the hair loses volume as it ages. It's inevitable. But this should not be confused with hair loss.



When hair is visibly not as thick as before...

This is not necessarily good news for the beauty of your hair, but over the years, the nature of the hair tends to change. Even the thickest hair gradually becomes thinner. The diameter of the hair fiber is reduced, until there is an overall impression of loss of hair volume. This is a symptom of aging hair which can be observed particularly when blow-drying hair or wearing it up: hair is flat and thin, with no volume.

When thin, flat hair is combined with hair loss

Whether your hair is thick, thin, curly or even flat, it is completely normal to lose about one hundred strands of hair per day. This is controlled by the normal life cycle of the hair. On the other hand, it becomes problematic if you lose more... and perhaps this can even be a sign that you need to take action with a targeted anti-hair loss routine. Hair loss can affect people of all ages...heredity is the number one factor. However, after age 45, hair aging can occur and worsen the solution. As it becomes thinner, the hair fiber becomes more fragile. Thin, flat hair is less robust, withstands less aggression and shows more breakage. Hair aging therefore also has an effect on loss of hair volume.

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