What is flat hair?

Hair that is thin, limp and without volume. Flat hair is severely lacking in texture, which makes it especially difficult to style. The best way to conquer your enemy is to get to know them. We'll tell you all you need to know about flat hair.



How to recognize flat, thin hair

Unlike curly or wavy hair which provide natural volume, the thinness of the hair gives an overall flat look. Thin hair lacks texture, which tends to make hair look limp and tired. Try as you might to make the style last, your hair loses its volume and collapses like a soufflé before you can say "flat"! This type of hair also appears as if "glued on" at the roots.

Flat and thin hair is less robust than thick hair, and is therefore more fragile. Repeated brushing, heat-styling tools, dyes, sun exposure, pollution...there is a long list of factors that dry out hair and accelerate damage, especially at the ends. In severe cases, hair can look like straw! This is why specific hair care products and shampoos must be used to counteract this flat-hair effect.

Why does hair aging make hair flat?

Having flat hair at age 20 and at age 55 is not really the same. The first case is mostly a matter of genetics and hair type. In the second case, aging of hair has a lot to do with it! The hair capital becomes depleted throughout the years, and after a certain age the first symptoms appear.

Hair becomes white, and more fragile, dry and thin, with split ends. With age, there is less blood micro-circulation in the scalp, and as a result, the hair root (or bulb) receives less of the oxygen and nutrients required for healthy hair growth. The hair grows progressively slower and becomes thinner. There are also hormonal imbalances that occur during menopause: the level of female hormones decreases, and they no longer have a positive effect on the hair. Hair loses density and becomes flat and limp.

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