Hair growth speed, how does it work?

The life cycle of a hair is a physiological, precisely regulated phenomenon. The speed at which a hair grows depends on several factors. We'll explain everything you need to know.



Hair growth speed linked to the hair cycle

Hair doesn't stay on your head forever; each hair has a limited life span, and follows what is called a life cycle or the hair cycle. The hair cycle has three phases:

  1. First, the anagen phase, which is the growth phase of the hair and which lasts between 3 and 6 years on average.
  2. Next, the catagen or transition phase, which lasts for less than a month. During this phase, hair growth slows down.
  3. Finally, the telogen phase, which ends the cycle and corresponds to the hair loss period. It lasts for approximately 3 months.

Each hair follows its own cycle, not synchronized with the cycles of the other hairs. So it is therefore normal to find that about a hundred hairs have fallen out every day. When a hair reaches the end of its life cycle, it naturally detaches itself from the hair follicle and falls out. A new bulb develops in its place and a new hair begins its life cycle. There is little chance that your scalp becomes bald.

So how long does it take to grow out bangs or hair that was cut too short? Too long, is what we usually think. Hair growth rate per month varies from one person to another, but the experts agree that hair grows an average of 1 cm every 30 days. This growth is faster in Asian hair, which is thick and strong. It is considerably slower in coily hair, which is fragile and brittle.

Stimulate faster hair growth with the right care

Make your hair grow faster? This is not always easy, especially in the case of aging hair. According to an instrumental study conducted by DUCRAY Dermatological Laboratories, after age 70, hair growth speed slows down by 12.6%. So, how can you stimulate your hair growth rate and gain a few centimeters more quickly? Trim your ends! Don't be afraid that your hair will be too short. Hair maintenance and using the right products are key steps to caring for your hair. Shampoos should not be too harsh, and heat-styling tools like hairdryers and hair straighteners must be used with caution. It is also recommended to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. In order to grow properly, hair needs a good quantity of vitamins and nutrients. Taking a food supplement for a 3-month treatment can help to provide the essential nutritional elements.

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