Aging of hair in women, how does it work?

A woman's hair, just like her skin, experiences the full impact of age and time. Find out whether it's time to start using specific products in your beauty routine..



Hair aging in women: when white hair is no longer a source of stress

You'll no longer have to hear your sister or best friend say, "You looked better with colored hair!". Proudly wearing your white hair—the first sign of aging of hai r—is trendy. Fashion journalist Sophie Fontanel helped start this trend by sharing her experience in her book, "Une apparition".

Because yes, having white hair after a certain age is completely normal. When the melanocytes—the cells containing melanin (the pigment which gives hair its color) run dry—the hair begins growing white. All women are affected to varying degrees. The appearance of graying hair is certainly linked to the natural hair aging process, but it is also a matter of heredity.

Loss of density, the dark side of aging of hair in women

For women, hair aging is a difficult part of their daily reality. It can also bring many nuisances more difficult to live with than a lovely mop of hair with silver highlights. Have you felt for a while now that your hair is thinning and losing density? Does your hair feel dry, has it lost its shine and is it harder to style? And on top of all that, do you have split ends? Does your hair look a little thinner every morning no matter how carefully you brush or what conditioner you use? Hair aging is in motion.

The physiological process of aging combined with a decrease in female hormones has a progressive impact on growth rate and hair quality. There is also less blood micro-circulation in the scalp, and the hair root becomes deprived of oxygen and nutrients. In addition to this, there is the influence of external factors such as the sun, pollution, smoking, hairdryers, dyes, etc. Together, these elements accelerate the hair aging process.

But there is a solution! Every day you can take action to stimulate hair density and adopt an anti-aging hair care routine, just as you would for your facial skin.

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