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Kelual DS

DUCRAY Dermatological Laboratories present KELUAL DS shampoo which is recommended for recurrent dandruff conditions associated with redness and intense itching or as an accompanying treatment for scalps prone to seborrheic dermatitis.

KELUAL DS N°1 on the anti-dandruff shampoo market in France in pharmacies.*

(* IQVIA-Pharmatrend PharmaOne-market for anti-dandruff shampoos without MA in pharmacies in France - year 2018 - in volume)
Kelual DS
Squamo-reducing anti-recurrence* treatment shampoo
  • Severe dandruff conditions
  • Scales and itching
No. 1 in France: Leader on the market for anti-dandruff shampoos** *Applying the shampoo once a week as maintenance care helps prevent dandruff from reappearing for a long time. **IMS Health - Pharmatrend - market for anti-dandruff shampoos in pharmacy - MAT December 2014 - in volume and value
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Action against oily dandruff plaques with redness and itching.

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