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57% of women report having combination to very oily skin*.
During the COVID-19 pandemic masks have become valuable allies and are now an everyday necessity.
As the perfect breeding ground for germs, our hands are constantly under strain: at work, on public transport, outdoo
PSORIASIS : an innovative active ingredient, the Celastrol
Discover patient testimonials and how they helped us create the new Kertyol P.S.O.
PSORIASIS: a dermatologist answers your questions 
When you have psoriasis, it is difficult to come to terms with the way your skin looks.
Discover our new web series on hair loss in collaboration with Dr Didier Coustou dermatologist.
Discover the characteristics of senescent hair loss to better recognize it and treat it effectively.
 What are the two main types of chronic falls? Does hair grow back?
What are the causes of occasional hair loss? What can be done about this hair loss? 
Find out which treatments are the most effective and suitable for each type of existing hair loss.


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    Expert advices about hair loss
    Discover the webserie about Hair Loss
    Dr Didier Coustou shared with us his experience as a consultant Dermatologist for our brand and his contribution for the well-being of patients. 
    Discover the webserie >
    Discover the webserie >

Our care routines

My P.S.O. anti-plaques face and body care routine

Action on psoriasis-prone skin

Test this routine > My P.S.O. anti-plaques face and body care routine > See my routine >

My scalp-soothing routine

Action against itchy scalp.

Test this routine > My scalp-soothing routine > See my routine >

My anti-aging hair care routine (prevention) for women

Preventive action against aging of the hair and scalp: hair thickness, density and softness.

Test this routine > My anti-aging hair care routine (prevention) for women > See my routine >
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