We pay a lot of attention to consumer concerns about controversial ingredients.
You are the A to Z of everything we do.
Your trust, rooted in the guarantee that all our products are safe, is essential.
As the inventor of dermo-cosmetics over 50 years ago, we don't compromise when it comes to product safety.
Let's put to rest the rumours about the effects of aluminium salts in cosmetics
Better understand the role of different alcohols in our formulas
Our products are manufactured and tested based on the strictest standards, in line with the pharmaceutical requirements of the Pierre Fabre Group.
You’ve probably noticed the various logos shown on our new product boxes. But what do they mean?
“The INCI composition of my usual product has changed, does this mean the formula has changed?”
Why is there a code on the flap of my product's box? What is it for?

Our care routines

My P.S.O. anti-plaques face and body care routine

Action on psoriasis-prone skin

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My scalp-soothing routine

Action against itchy scalp.

Test this routine > My scalp-soothing routine > See my routine >

My dry hair routine

Daily action to help prevent dryness in the hair.

Test this routine > My dry hair routine > See my routine >
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