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What are the causes of oily hair?

Our experts answer your most frequently asked questions.

The excess sebum production responsible for oily hair can be linked to internal and/or external causes.

Internal causes:

  • Sebaceous glands being hypersensitive to hormonal stimuli. In both men and women, the sensitivity of sebaceous glands to androgen hormones dictates their sebum secretion.
  • Drug-related (some psychotropics)
  • Stress, anxiety

External causes:

  • Poorly adapted hair care products (shampoo, overuse of coloring products, etc) that are too aggressive on the scalp and cause it to respond by producing too much sebum
  • Using water that is too hot to rinse the hair
  • Using styling tools that are too hot near the roots, and prolonged sun exposure can also stimulate sebum production in the scalp
  •  Mechanical aggressions to the scalp, such as intense rubbing while washing or towel drying