Which anti-itching shampoo should I use?

Many people experience itchy scalp. Which anti-itching shampoo should you choose for your sensitive and irritated scalp? What causes itchy scalp? Many factors can trigger itchy scalp, such as weather conditions, pollution, stress, the use of hair products and especially unsuitable shampoos, poor rinsing, etc.



How do you soothe itching on the scalp?

To soothe itching on the scalp, we recommend using adapted hair products such as anti-itching shampoos. At the same time, limit anything that can damage the scalp, such as hair dyes, chemical straighteners or perms. Avoid hair dryers that are too hot or too close to the scalp. In fact, heat tends to make itching worse.

Scratching the scalp brings some relief, but unfortunately it doesn't last. The itching comes back even stronger. To avoid the appearance of large lesions, cut the nails short and massage or rub the scalp rather than scratching it.

What does anti-itching shampoo contain?

A shampoo for itchy scalp contains active ingredients that will calm itching and soothe the scalp. To respect all scalp types, especially the most sensitive, anti-itching shampoos have hypoallergenic formulas, are very safe, are free of harmful ingredients, and in particular, they contains no perfumes or dyes.

How do you use an anti-itching shampoo?

Anti-itching shampoos are suitable for frequent, even daily use. Apply to damp hair, massage gently then rinse. Repeat the operation, leaving the anti-itching shampoo on for 2 to 3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

In addition to the anti-itching shampoo, you can use a soothing leave-in lotion on wet or dry hair for immediate relief.

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