Essential oils for pruritus

For several years, essential oils have been on the rise, as many of us want to treat ourselves in a more natural way. Which essential oils can you use in case of itching?



Which essential oils are effective against itching?

Several essential oils can be used to relieve itching:

  • Essential oils such as West Indian lemongrass and lemon-scented gum are particularly useful on insect bites, both preventively (to repel) and curatively (to relieve).
  • Common lavender, spike lavender and lavandin essential oils can be used on different types of itching. They all soothe, heal and regenerate skin, as well as a typical scent reminiscent of Provence.
  • Peppermint and wild mint essential oils are useful in soothing itching. Thanks to the menthol they contain, these essential oils provide a very pleasant sensation of freshness in case of itching sensations.
  • Some anti-itching essential oils are less known to the general public. This is the case with annual tansy, blue chamomile, katafray, or katrafay.

How do you use essential oils in cases of pruritus?

The anti-itching essential oils are used essentially topically. Let's remember a few rules of good practice:

  • Seek advice from a health care professional trained in aromatherapy before starting an essential oil treatment for itching.
  • As a general rule, essential oils must be diluted in vegetable oil or cream before applying them to the skin. Again, ask an aromatherapist for advice.
  • Not to be used on pregnant or breastfeeding women, asthmatics or epileptics, or young children.
  • Conduct a tolerance test on the inside of the elbow 48 hours before using essential oils for itching.
  • Anti-itching essential oils do not replace treatment prescribed by your doctor or advised by your pharmacist.
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