How do you soothe itching?

Pruritus and itching are a source of daily discomfort and have a negative impact on the quality of life of the person who scratches, but also of those around them. Everyone would like to find an effective solution to soothe the itching. In this article, several anti-itching solutions are explored and can be adapted to most profiles and needs. Come this way to find out more about pruritus treatments, now.



What to do to stop scratching?

In order to soothe itching, it is important to establish a proper hygiene and skin care routine:

What hygiene products should you use?

Daily cleansers can be superfatted soaps, syndets or soothing cleansing oils which can soothe itching. In cases of pruritus on the head, the anti-itching shampoo can soothe the sensitive and irritated scalp.

Which skin care products should you use?

Anti-itching creams are essential to relieve your skin on a daily basis. For itchy scalp, a leave-in lotion is a good way to soothe the itching in one easy step.

What active ingredients?

Anti-itching cosmetics contain active ingredients known for their soothing and calming properties. For perfect tolerability, anti-itching cosmetics are free of irritating ingredients and without perfumes to soothe itching without damaging the skin.

Which dosage forms should I use?

For hygiene, soothing cleansing oils are interesting because they can both soothe itching and neutralize hard water, itself a source of skin dryness and pruritus. For hydration, a light texture is preferred to bring freshness to the skin while soothing itching.

In cases of nighttime itching, take care of your skin just before going to bed, and repeat the applications of anti-itching creams or leave-in hair lotions throughout the night if necessary. Medication for itching may also be prescribed on a case-by-case basis by the general practitioner or specialist who is treating the condition causing the itching.Beware, anti-histamines are widely used in cases of pruritus but their effectiveness is not consistent in soothing itching while the risk of side effects, especially drowsiness, is real.

Relieve itching naturally

Natural health care is increasingly in demand, for ethical, ecological and economic reasons. The treatment of itching and pruritus is no exception to this trend.
In concrete terms, how do you soothe itching in a natural way? There are several essential oils that can be used to relieve itching, such as Java citronella, lemon eucalyptus, lavender or mint. Most often, the essential oil is used in local application on the skin which itches, by taking care beforehand to dilute it in a little vegetable oil or in an anti-itching cream. Be careful, essential oils are effective in soothing itching but this does not mean that they are danger-free: do not use them on pregnant women, nursing mothers, asthmatic or epileptic people, or young children.

Other natural solutions are available to soothe itching.


  • Vegetable oils: calophyllum, calendula, St. John's wort, etc.
  • Hydrolates or floral waters: mint, lavender, chamomile, etc.

Oral supplement:

  • Gemmotherapy or treatment with plant buds: blackcurrant, elm, etc.
  • Oligotherapy: manganese, copper, etc.

Methods such as sophrology, yoga, physical activity, hypnosis, cognitive and behavioral therapies or relaxation are useful on the one hand to fight against stress and on the other hand to relieve certain forms of pruritus of psychological origin (psychogenic pruritus).
In hospitals, therapeutic education groups allow people to meet other people suffering from chronic pruritus and to feel less alone when faced with itching.

All these natural and non-medicinal treatments require prior consultation with a trained health professional who will be able to recommend one or more products or methods, or even a complete protocol to soothe itching.

Possible causes of itching

Finding the cause is important when you want to soothe itching in an effective and lasting way. A general practitioner or specialist can then set up an adapted treatment. In cases of pruritus of dermatological origin, the treatment of the skin disease usually soothes the itching at the same time. In the case of non-dermatological pruritus, finding the cause is not always easy. In addition, the management of the disease that causes the itching does not always completely relieve the itching. Hence the benefit in using cosmetics specifically formulated to relieve itching on a daily basis.

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