Acne and stress

Stress is a physiological reaction of the body in response to external aggression. Nowadays, our modern lifestyle makes stress more and more present at all stages of life and this has repercussions on our overall health. Stress is often cited as the cause of acne. Let's take a closer look at acne and stress to work out when acne is really caused by stress and when this is a misconception.



What is the connection between acne and stress?

The nervous system and the skin are very closely linked. In particular, the skin is crisscrossed by an entire nervous system network that is activated in the event of stress. Neurons release substances such as substance P, to which the sebaceous glands are particularly sensitive. The result is an overproduction of sebum and the appearance of spots.

Stress and acne, a real vicious circle!

As we have just seen, stress is a cause of acne. But keep in mind that is just one cause among others! Stress-related acne often has multiple causes and other factors are involved: hormones, family history, etc. Acne is not only "in the head", it is above all on the skin!

Conversely, acne is a very visible disease that can generate a lot of stress including via discomfort in daily life, fear of other people staring, loss of self-confidence, etc.

This results in a real vicious circle involving stress and acne being set in motion: stress causes acne, and acne causes stress.

What’s the solution in the event of stress and acne?

The acne treatment prescribed by your doctor must be followed correctly and daily to obtain a result. Patience is essential and you should try not to lose hope. Keep going!

Methods such as meditation, hypnosis and mindfulness can help to better manage stress and acne on a daily basis. Practicing a sport is recommended to relieve tension and relax. We all have a way of coping; it's up to you to find yours!

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